Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life After Death?

Mark Cahill has written a fascinating book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven. This book has really changed the way I think about talking to lost people. One question he asks, is "When you die, what do you think is on the other side?" This question doesn't assume anything, plus it is open-ended. I have had the opportunity to ask some people this question lately. It is amazing at the responses that you will get and sometimes it will generate stimulating conversation.

Yesterday, a kid came by to sell me newspapers. I threw out the question. He said, "You know, I've been thinking about that for a long time." We ended up having a one-hour and fifteen minute conversation. He even got my number to talk about this at a later time.

Now, I'm not simplistic enough to think that negative responses won't come your way when you attempt to start a conversation with people, but the consequences are God's. Planting seeds is ours. Go check out the book...


Blake said...

Hey Brian,
Its good to see you blog from time to time. I will try to check in as I can. Have a great week.

pendant lights said...

Great post!